Exhibitors – Harrogate 2018

Exhibitors – Harrogate 2018

Exhibitors in alphabetical order

1894 Sign Co.
A Northern Light
Abigail Bury
Adele Taylor
Agama Creative

Albert and Alfred
Algan Arts
Alison Dupernex
Alison Haddon

Alison Miles Pottery
Anderson Creations
Andrea Cundell Ceramics
Andrew Bull Porcelain
Angela Learoyd Jewellery
Ann Charlish Studio
Ann Povey
Ann Pryer Jewellery

Anna Martola

Anna Roebuck
Anne Reeves Jewellery Ltd
Antonello Figlia
Aroma Holiday Luxury World Home Fragrance
Athena Cards
Atlantic Ceramics

Bagstock & Bumble

Balm of Gilead Skincare
Barbara Karn
Barley Bay

Beastie Assemblage

Beauty Scents Ltd
Beverly Bartlett Handmade Jewellery
Big Black House Design Co.

Birds Unlimited
Boho Buffalo
Book Transformations
Broadlands Pottery
By Emily

Carberry Crafts

Carla Edwards
Carol Nunan Printmaker

Caroline Draper Jewellery
Caroline Finlay Jewellery
Casey Allum
Cath Hill
Catherine Kleeli Cards
Catriona Archibald Crafts
Ceramics Buy Anja
Ceramics by George Ormerod
Chambers Concrete
Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics
Charlotte Verity
Charlotte Wilkinson Glass
Christina Oswin Jewellery
Christine Cummings Ceramics
Christine Cummings Designs
Circle & Dash
Claire Acworth Jewellery
Clare Collinson
Clare Hawley Jewellery
Clare Tupper

Clive’s Candles

Compass Rose Soaps
Connie Rose Designs
Connie Taylor Ceramics
ContraryMary Designs
Cornerways Fused Glass
Craven & White
Created By The Ridleys
Creatively Occupied
Crickhollow Crafts
CStar Design
Curious Rose Ltd

Daisy Lee-Overton Jewellery
David Pantling Ceramics

David Pooley
Dawn Maciocia

Death by Tea
Deborah John Glass Art
Deiniol Williams Ceramics

Detta Textiles

Diane Jones
Dilly and Pink
Dragonfly Dichroic
Dreya Glass
DW Glass

Elizabeth Welch Glass
Ellen Monaghan
Ellid Ceramics
Emerald Dove Ltd
Emily Stracey

Emma Lawrence Designs
Emma Williams Ceramics
Evie Milo t/a Milomade


Fairies of Knapwell Wood
Fairy Made Paperart
Faye Stevens
Felt et Moi
Fi Mehra Designs
Fiona Joyce Artist
Fired Up and Painting : Sarah Moss
Flossy Teacake
Fosse Beads

Foto Ceramica
Four Hands Etched Glass
Frances Noon

Francesca Marcenaro
Francesca Simpson Fine Art
Fuzzy Turns

Galeabel Studio Pottery
Gemma Scully Jewellery
Georgina Fowler
Ghost and Bonesetter
Gin Durham Ceramics
Glass Relief by Matt Adkins

Glover and Smith
Goodwin-Jones Ceramics Ltd

Guy Holder
Gwen Bainbridge Ceramics

Hannah Hann
Hannah Longmuir Arts

Hanrine Ltd
HCLS Ceramics
Heather Power Art Glass
Heidi Rhodes Textiles

Helen Chalmers Glass Jewellery

Helen Chatteron Textiles
Helen Eastham Studio

Helen Faulkner Ceramics

Holly Sinclair – My Lovely Logs
House by Hazel
Hoyti Toyti

Ian A. Fraser Woodworking

Instinct UK
Interlude Ceramics

J Boult Designs

J Stringer / Quirky Metals
J.C. Middlebrook
Jacqueline May Designs
Jan Scott Ceramics
Jane Adams Ceramics

Jane Crick

Jane James Ltd
Jane Marshall Jewellery
Janet Leitch Jewellery
Janice Daughters Artist & Illustrator

Japanese Papercraft
Jasu Patel Jewellery
Jenny Ulyatt
Jessica Langford Applied Artist
Jewellery by Annamarie
Jill Ray Landscapes
Jill Stewart

Jo Downs Handmade Glass
Joanna Allen Studio

Joanna Coupland
Joanne Wishart – Artist

Jodie Hook Jewellery
John Garland-Taylor
John Rattenbury Sculpture
JoJo Blue Design

Jordanne Cliffe Jewellery
Judith Hobbs Studio Pottery

Judy Lumley Print
Julie Langan Glass


K. Jenny Tyas
Karen Dawn Curtis

Karen Edward
Karen Fawcett Studios
Karen Risby Ceramics
Karen Thomas Jewellery
Kat Pearson Designs
Kate Rhodes
Kate Wimbush Jewellery
Katherine Bree Jewellery
Katherine Campbell-Legg

Kathryn Croxson
Kathryn Williamson
Katie Bell Design
Katie Bentley Ceramics

Katy Mai
Katy O’Neil
Kerry Jane
Kevin Hutson

Kim Birchall Crystalline Ceramics
Kim Davis Woodturner

Kit Designs
Knightingale Crafts
Kushboo Soaps

La Lievre Jewellery
Lane End Vintage
Laura Brookes Jewellery
Laura Marriott
Laura Zabo Ltd
Leigh Shepherd Designs
Lesley Nason Ceramics

Limelight Bath
Linda Bulleyment Ceramics

Linda Vine Art
Lindsay Norman Art
Lindsey Tyson – Textile Art and Design

Little Beau Sheep
Little Green Tree

Lu Kee Su Ceramics
Lucktaylor Ceramics
Lucy Addison Applied Artist
Lucy Alice Designs
Lucy Elisabeth

Mackay and Pearson
Makiko Hastings
Mari Fisher Glass
Maria Santos-Alcantara
Maria V Design
Marie-Therese King

Mark McCue Ceramics
Mark Veevers
Martasha Handmade Jewellery & Gifts
Martha’s Grandad
Martin Andrews Studio Glass

Mary Howard-George
Mary Johnson Ceramics

Mary’s House Designs
McMaster and Tingley

Meg Hawkins Art

Megan Crook Textiles
Melissa James
Meredith Sculpture Ltd

Merlini Trading Ltd

Mervyn Tay Art
Michele Daykin Jewellery
Michelle Daniels


Montague & Reed

Morpeth & Kirby

Morpheus Glass
Moth and Mirror

Mouse and Moon
Moxon and Simm


Natalie Laura Ellen
Natalie Vardey
Nigel Wood
Niza Huang Jewellery

Noble Fine Art
Northumbrian Craft Pottery

Olive Pearson Designs


Pam Peters Designs

Paul Jenkins Sculptures Ltd

Peaked Interest
Penny Warren
Perkins & Morley Ltd
Phoenix-Tree Jewellery
Point Line Plane Glassware
Port Ghrant Ltd
Pretender to the Throne

Primrose Glass
Pure Naked

Purple Pomegranate Press

Quercki Design
Quinta Essenza
Quirky Cows

Rachel Morley Feltmaker & Fine Artist
Rachel Thornton
Rachel Whitehead Jewellery
Rag Makers
Rebecca Christian
Rhian Winslade Ceramics

Rhombus and Pineapple
Richard Wilson Ceramics
RL Brown
Robin Fox
Rocklesnock Designs
Roelofs & Rubens
Rosalind White
Rose of Stitching
Rouaida Jewellery
Ruby Spirit Designs
Rupert Blamire Ceramics
Ruth Mary Jewellery
Ruth Thorp Studio

Sally Ratcliffe
Salmon Jam Press
Sanders and Wallace Glassmakers
Sara Budzik Making
SaraBuk Jewellery

Sara Withers
Sarah Ames Creative Threads

Sarah Saunders Ceramics
Savannah Storm
Scott & Robson Designs
Selborne Pottery
Shannon McShane
Shed on the Fell
Shere Design

Simone Louise Ceramics
Sky Siouki
Snapdragon Designs
Sophie Cunningham Illustrator
Sophie Smith Ceramics
Sparkletastic Glass

Spice Kitchen
SpiritLight Gallery

Stacey Moore Art

Stationery HandBound
Stephanie Mann Jewellery
Stonesplitter Pottery
Stuart Akroyd Contemporary Glass

Susan Long Sculpture
Suzi Thompson Printmaker
Suzie Lavender Contemporary Glass

Suzie Lee Knitwear
Suzie Marsh Sculpture
Swag and Tassel
Swifty Bell Designs

Tania Holland Gallery
Tanya Thompson Contemporary Homeware & Accessories
The Blind Soapmaker
The Divine Hag
The DM Collection

The Famous Gallery
The Great British Bee Company
The Mood Designs

The Naked Candle Co

The Nine of Hearts Jewellery
The Owlery

The Pebble Art

The Reversible Robin
The Three Foxes
Tracey Birchwood

Tracy Ford Ceramics

Tracy Wilson Jewellery
Twice Fired
Twists Studio Glass

Ugly Jewellery, Pawel Lech

Uniquely Yours
Urban Chintz

Val B’s Wax Jewellery
Valerie Mead
Very Colourful Jewellery
Vicky & Rob Whelpton.KRUKKER CERAMICS

Vikki Lafford Garside
Vivienne Sillar Ceramics


Wellington Murphy

Woodcutter Creations
Woody Womans World

Xuella Arnold Jewellery


What our Exhibitors Say

Dear BCTF team,

‘’I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for all the information, advice and support you provide in the run up to the event, it is very much appreciated. I was delighted that you used my bowtie and lampshade photos on the flyers and invites and featured me in the Heritage Gift brochure. I wanted to send this email just in case I don’t get to say thank you in person during the event!’’

Thanks again and best wishes

Sara Jane