Welcome to BCTF!

BCTF has for the past 44 years been showcasing the best of British Craft and Art.

With more than 9,000 British designer-makers registered with us, and that number growing every day, we will always be able to offer something new to our visitors.

If you want to buy unique, handmade work from the British Isles, the British Craft Trade Fair Harrogate and BCTF online catalogue will offer you all the choice you need. With hundreds of makers, a vast range of products, and prices starting at just a few pounds, BCTF is well worth a visit.


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Can anyone visit BCTF?

If you are a buyer for a retail outlet you can attend.

How much does it cost to attend BCTF?

By pre-registering entry is F.O.C, registering on arrival costs £10.

What disabled facilities are there?

There is disabled access and toilet facilities for wheelchairs users at both BCTF Harrogate and BCTF London.

What our visitors say about BCTF

“A useful and innovative shop window on UK talent.

Also a comfortable and welcoming venue.”

George Byatt


“Great venue, huge choice, many new faces.

 We thoroughky enjoyed visiting and making new trade associations at the Harrogate BCTF 2017.”

Andy Grinter

Art in the Mill

“Fantastic layout and lighting.

A superb show. I never miss it.

More artists appeared to be au fait with their prices and wholsale without having to refer to sheets.

Great as ever!”

 Liz Roberts

Atelier 18

New additions to our 2019 Exhibitor List

Miguel Issa

Miguel creates striking products in a wide range of colour palettes to uplift and rejuvenate any space. Combing his passion for photography and design, Miguel creates mandalas by layering and combining his own close up photography of nature into intricate geometric designs, traditionally used to focus the mind and encourage mindfulness.

Miguel is currently working with materials on a range of scales: from coasters to coffee tables, greeting cards and wall art, sourcing wood from sustainable or recycled sources.

Born in Patagonia, Argentina, Miguel´s creativity is influenced by his degree in illustration and his work as a designer.

. Find out more about Miguel’s work by visiting his BCTF Online page.

Ellen Monaghan

Ellen Monaghan creates precious jewellery by using square wire and folding and forging techniques.

Her free approach to making is reminiscent of sketching in the air as she forms the structures that make up her collection.

These objects play with the space around the body, comfortable and light, while making a statement. Tumbling chains of individually handmade links that constantly change position as the wearer moves, structures that curl around the ear, linear rings that wrap around unique colourful gemstones.

The shaping and finish of these three-dimensional drawings are integral to the connection Ellen strives to create between object and wearer.

See more of Ellen’s work by visiting her BCTF Online page.

Robin Fox

Robin is a full time, self-taught sculptor. He works in mixed media, each sculpture being unique, and hand built with no casting involved.

He predominantly uses a metal modified epoxy clay with a diverse variety of materials including: metal fillers, variegated silver and gold leaf and native hardwoods.

Much of Robin’s inspiration is attributed to a connection with and respect for the rural environment. His subject matter reveals his love of nature and features birds, animals, flora and fauna, all in a quirky style.

The range of products is always developing to keep his work fresh and truly unique.

Find out more on Robbin’s BCTF Online page.