Be an Exhibitor

Be an Exhibitor

If you are a designer-maker, living in the British Isles and producing handmade giftware (i.e. no mass-manufacturing) you can complete our Makers Registration Form and your details will be added to our database. Once registered, you will receive as noted below information in regards to our application process.

Application forms via email for BCTF Harrogate and London should you wish to apply.

E- Newsletters. These are sent out approximately 12 times per year and give useful information about BCTF Harrogate and London.

Newcomer and Post-Newcomer sections

Within the Main Hall at BCTF we have set aside two special areas for makers who are relatively inexperienced: The Newcomers Gallery and the Post Newcomer section.

At BCTF we are committed to helping young and/or inexperienced makers build their relationship with the trade and to this end we offer a great deal of help and guidance, including subsidised stands.

To find out more about our programme, including the savings you can enjoy, view our flip-book brochure by clicking here.


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