About BCTF

About BCTF

The British Craft Trade Fairs (BCTF) are three-day events taking place at the Great Yorkshire Showground in beautiful Harrogate. The next Harogate fair will take place on 8th-10th April 2018.

BCTFS’ first fair in London took place on the 11th to 13th September 2016 at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick lane. The next London fair will take place on 10th – 12th September 2017.

The fairs are strictly trade-only and showcase work from exclusively British and Irish makers. BCTF differs from other trade fairs in that no mass-manufactured products or products made overseas are allowed. Visitors can be confident, therefore, that they will be presented with a selection of the best hand-made British giftware available in the UK.

BCTF Harrogate has been running for more than 43 years. For the past 25 years it has been in the ownership of PSM Ltd, under the personal supervision of Margeret Bunn who is responsible for maintaining the fair’s high standards and selecting the makers that attend. Margeret’s passion for craft and art has seen her work with British designer-makers for over 35 years, she has helped many hundreds of young makers take their first steps in dealing with retail buyers. The fairs include a dedicated Newcomers Gallery where emerging makers are supported with BCTF’s extensive business mentoring program, ensuring that they are all ready and confident to write trade orders.

BCTF Online Catalogue

BCTF has been promoting British hand-made giftware for 42 years, longer than any other trade fair in the UK. Our online trade catalogue BCTF online, brings these products to you throughout the year.

If you want to buy unique, handmade work from the British Isles, the British Craft Trade Fair and BCTF Online will offer you all the choice you need. With hundreds of makers, a vast range of products, and prices starting at just a few pounds, they’re well worth a visit.

What Our Exhibitors Say

Dear Margeret and team

‘’I didn’t get a chance to speak to you yesterday as we were all busy. I just wanted to feedback to you what a brilliant BCTF I had this year. I’ve done the show for 3 years now and it was pretty consistent for the first 2. This year I saw an in increase in my orders by over 400% and still have some very positive leads to follow up in the next week. I do 4 other trade show apart from BCTF and not only was this my best BCTF it was my best trade show to date.

I know we’re very quick to tell you when things are wrong, but I think it’s equally important to feedback when things have gone exceedingly well.

I have a gallery too, so I was also able to pick up some very beautiful new work for the gallery

A very productive and positive few days’’.

Thank you very much

Kind regards

Clare Hawley